Invest in You

Starting a new business can be a terrifying experience. According to Forbes 8 of 10 businesses fail. In many cases that business encompasses the hopes and dreams of the business owner. That’s why at Jupiter Design Company we treat your business’ success as our number one priority.

If you are an artisan pastry chef, learning html or css probably didn’t cross your mind in between mastering baking and business. That’s where we come in. Communicate with a developer about the future of your company and watch your dreams come into fruition with personalized advertising solutions.

If you don’t have one already we will build you a website and fill it with vibrant content which will be accessed by your target audience via google, the search engine with makes up 64% of all searches.

We will connect you to social media and manage your accounts for you so can focus on what you do best.

If you need business cards, letterhead, storefront merchandise, or any other advertising products we will produce them quickly for you.

We use a team of coders, models, photographers, and writers to make sure you can do what you love while reinvesting in your future.